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Introduction: Micro Food Kitchen

This is my first Instructable.

I have been running a food booth for some time. Through the years, i have gone from small, wooden framed, stand-beside booths, to fully covered trailers. This is my first metal framed booth. I also possess a very diversified, and well-rounded skill set, which keeps me entertained, mostly. In this project you will need tho have knowledge of welding, AC and DC electrical, and plumbing. Balance is also an extremely important factor when building a trailer. The standard equation is 60% weight on the tongue, and 40% weight behind the axle. Balance. ! gallon/4 litres of water is 10Lbs.

Here's a few tips:

ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION when using power tools. You only have two eyeballs.

Get an espresso machine.

Inhibit alcohol intake while working with power tools.

My Most Awesome and good friend Shane, who is all super dupper experienced, allowed me the use of his shop and tools during the metal part. He showed me how to turn on, and use the welder, and then pushed me outta the nest. He did the occasional safety check to ensure structural integrity.

Ive really only documented the big steps. Its up to the maker to add all the stuff i havent written about. Stereo, lighting, LCD locations, etc...

Step 1: Lay Out Front and Back Walls. Cut Accurately.

Step 2: Well Up Front and Back Wall, and Place and Square. Do Some More Welding...

Step 3: Lots of Welding. Lay Out Your Counters, and Weld Em In. Weld Up Your Window and Door Frames

Step 4: Assembiling the Roof

Step 5: Side the Tariler With 3/8" Plywood.

Step 6: Do the Interior.

Step 7: Put in Sinks, and Plumb Hot Water Tank.

Step 8: Cover, Chaulk and Adhere the Exterior Siding.

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    5 years ago

    that sounds very reasonable for your end result. thanks for sharing


    5 years ago

    great project. do you have a cost break down you would be willing to share?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Most of the tube steel, ( 1 1/2" tube, 1" tube, and 1"x3"top plate) was purchased at a nearby metal recycler. These places are so freaking awesome, and quickly became a frequent addiction.Getting all the tube was a slow process. I paid about 20 cents on the dollar for that. Im not sure how many linear feet i used, likely 300 feet.

    The aluminum and sheet metal was purchased directly from a wholesaler. The 12'x5' sheet used for the roof was about $200. The aluminum was about $600, and 22 guage. The interior stainless were of cuts and were only 5'x4', i believe i got those for $40 each(x6). Smoking deal! These were fabulous for the project,as the interior of the booth is 4'9"ish, and 7'9"ish.

    I m pretty sure i made this trailer for less than five grand. Most of the equipment i had already, or was found on craigslist.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I've seen lots of tiny houses on Instructables, but this is the first tiny commercial kitchen. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully we'll see lots more Instructables from you in the future!