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Introduction: Micro Hummer

About: I have a knack for making functional miniatures. I don't use any specialized tools or materials for making these.

Detailed Hummer, scaled-down ver.http://sites.google.com/site/mikroganesh9/micro-models/humvee

Actually all the doors open, including the front hood, and the gun port on the top does rotate, the soft cloth back snugly hides the 1.5v button cell!
seats + a steering mechanism inside



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    Except for the wheels and the motor rest of the stuff is a bit of aluminum foil (Card paper thickness) wires to give the emboss feel, a bit of cloth too

    You should build a small tank with this construction method, given that non-curved 3D objects are easier to make. Perhaps a Tiger or Panzer? Tanks would however be more difficult to add a motor to because more wheels are needed and the tread belts have to be able to move.

    did in fact build few tanks, but they were bigger and did not have the motor
    I challenge myself by making things using stuff from around without any specialized tools/parts

    dude i got another use 4 the pager motor keep it on ur cheek feels gud!!!1

    some might think if its remote control and has a camera it would be greater
    but i think its great enough now

    Thanks you for ur response
    more stuff here

    Who wouldn't enjoy a little hummer ?