Micro LED Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping

Introduction: Micro LED Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping

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I came up with this idea of gift wrapping when I wanted to do something different in wrapping gifts rather than a normal gift wrapping. You can implement this gift wrapping idea when you are giving somebody a small gift (Valuable gifts are always small:)) and you wanted to make it more special.Without much ado, let us see how. Watch the video if you want to see all the steps involved in the making.

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Step 1: Wrap Your Gift Box

Here I am using a small gift box to hold the snowflake necklace I made to gift my sister.Instead of wrapping it in wrapping paper, I decorated it with gold and pink patterned washi tape.

Step 2: Materials Required for the Christmas Tree Gift Topper

  • Cardboard
  • LED lights (I am using Micro LED with a string of 20 lights)
  • Ribbon
  • Card stock in various colours for decorations
  • An Awl
  • Enamel dots and silver glitter snowflakes for decoration(Optional)
  • Utility knife

Step 3: Make a Christmas Tree Template,trace and Cut It in Cardboard

Decide on what shape you wanted to cover your gift box . In my case , as I had a lengthy box I decided to go with Christmas tree as my gift topper but you can get creative and change it to the occasion you are gifting .Even snowman or reindeer will be awesome if you are doing it for Christmas gifts. Or may be a cake or balloon if you are doing it for a birthday present or a heart if you are doing it for anniversary or valentine's day .

Draw the shape of the template in a scrap paper and trace it to the cardboard.Make sure the shape covers the gift box and the battery case of the LED lights.(If you are using a bigger box adhere it to the sides) .Cut the cardboard shape.

Step 4: Cover It With Washi Tape

Decorative the cardboard piece with wrapping paper or tape. In my case I used rows of washi tape to cover the Christmas and used knife to trim the excess.I decorated it with some ribbons and bunting cut in colors of card stock paper and glued it using double sided tape. Also I used some enamel dots and glitter snowflakes for decorations.

Step 5: Mark and Make Holes for Lights With Awl

Decide the layout of the gift box and battery case. Also decide the areas where you want the LED lights to go. I used 20 LED lights string so I marked the 20 places in the cardboard. Use an awl to poke the hole for the lights. Place the lights in the holes and use clear tape to adhere it to the place on the back side of the cardboard.

Step 6: Cover the Back Side With Tape

Cover the back side with decorative tape to hide the mess of light strings.Use double sided tape to cover the top lid of the gift box and adhere it to the cardboard Christmas tree. Also tape the battery case to the cardboard using clear tape.

Step 7: Close the Gift Box and Secure It With Ribbon

Close the gift box and tie a ribbon to secure it in place. Decorate with a bow and add some embellishments to make it more festive. I added some bells and a small tag saying "A very merry Christmas to you ". That is it ! You are done with the beautiful gift wrapping. You can switch on the lights when you are gifting ! The recipient will sure treasure your wrapping if you do it this way. Isn't it ?


1) You can do this normal gift wrapping also but before covering your gifts with wrapping paper mark the places for lights in the wrapping paper and make a hole. Secure the lights with the tape and adhere the battery case to one side of the gift box.In this case , leave that one side open for switching on the lights when you are giving the gift and close it with a tape.

2) Or follow the same procedure and spell the recipient name in the cardboard and stick to the gift box.

How excited will you be if you receive of gift that is wrapped using lights ??what do you think about this wrapping ? Share with me in the comments below.

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