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Mud pie, sometimes know as "Mississippi Mud pie" is a popular restaurant desert, usually consisting of a chocolate cookie crumb crust overflowing with coffee ice cream, topped with caramel, whipped cream, and
nuts. For some reason it usuallly comes in HUGE pieces. It's pretty yummy stuff.

This is a technique for making a smaller version, whose prep time is about a minute. Much easier to make, easier to eat, and easier on your arteries and waistline...

(The picture below of real mud pie is one I found on the web , to give credit where credit is due:
here: http://www.xanga.com/diayeLLOw )

Step 1: Collect Your Ingredients

You need Oreo Cookies (or equivilent), Coffee Ice cream, some sort of caramels or caramel sauce, and (optionally) whipped cream and nuts.

The flavor is largely dependent on the icecream; use your favorite and not just something that was on sale at safeway like I did.

A thicker caramel would be better than the syrup I show here, but also more difficult to do...

Step 2: Assemble the Crust

You normally make a choclate cookie crust for pies by powdering oreos, adding some butter and maybe some other ingredients, pressing in a pan and cooking so it solidifies. The KEY insight leading to this instructable is "Why Bother - you already have something solid that looks a lot like a crust!")

So take out a couple oreos and put them on a plate.

Step 3: Add Ice Cream

Take a scoop of slightly-softened ice cream, mold it like clay into a lump of appropriate size to fit on top of an oreo. Mush it onto the top of an oreo. Repeat for as many micro-mudpies as you're making.

You can probably freeze these at this point if you want to serve a lot at one time later.

Step 4: Add Caramel and Embellishments

If you're using caramel syrup, just drizzle it on. If you're using real caramel, flatten it out and put it on the ice cream like a hat.

Add nuts of your choice (or not) and whipped cream if you want.

And that's it! Your done! Serve them or eat them!



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      9 years ago on Introduction

      Hey! Ooo, this is awesome. I have always liked Mississippi Mudd ice cream, but don't eat it for two reasons. 1.) I hate caramel. 2.) I hate nuts on my ice cream. BUT, if I make it myself, I can substitute awesome chocolate sauce for the caramel, and maybe sprinkle some chocolate chips on top in place of the nuts. Thanks for the inspiration!!! And great recipe! Luv ya, Tashi :)


      11 years ago on Introduction

      when i saw that credit link you put up, i lol'd
      my friend took that pic when we went to dinner at elephant bar haha
      anywho, great instructable =] i'm going to try it out tonight after class.... ice cream and oreos make my mouth water


      12 years ago

      Wow, that is easy!
      (When you said "1 minute prep time", I thought it ment if you had everything right in front of you, and you had 12 people helping you... that sorta thing)

      Biwakowa- Guacamole goes brown because of oxidation, while freezer burn is caused by water leaving the food (then freezing).

      With the re-freezing, if you put an oreo at the bottom, then filled it *mostly* up with icecream (softened, to get it into the corners) and then caramel with nuts in it (the shell kind), there wouldn't really be any freezer burn, even without coating. The caramel should be sufficent for warding off FB for a day or two.

      I'm hungry...

      1 reply

      bowakowa didn't say guacamole goes brown from freezer burn he said plastic wrap works for keeping quac from going brown I smooth the top of my guacamole to make a flat level surface and dribble lemon juice on it gently to cover it until serving time... the lemon juice wold normally be part of the recipe, but I add it on top to keep it nice until serving time, then stir it in. Sometimes substitute fresh grapefruit juice for lemon juice, if no lemon handy I have no experience with guacamole being left over AFTER serving, so I don't know how long term my lemon-juice-on-top trick will work. I think if you have leftover guacamole, you might want to adjust your recipe.


      12 years ago

      Follow steps 1-3. Eat. Repeat. Must...resist...the oreos...


      12 years ago

      Neat idea! For the re-freezing, I bet one of those silicone muffin pans would be great. Drop an oreo in the bottom, pack with ice cream, cover with some form of caramel (perhaps the stuff that forms a hard shell on ice cream?) and nuts then refreeze. When you flip them out they should look downright professional. Any sketchiness or freezer burn can be covered up by whipped cream.

      1 reply

      Reply 12 years ago

      can whipped cream cover the taste of freezer burn? I think not. why not just make sure the cup is filled and cover it with saran wrap. If there is no air in the cup, it should protect it from freezer burn. Same thing works great for guacamole in the fridge, keeps it from going brown.