Micro PBX

Introduction: Micro PBX

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a simple PBX system. It is useful for talking between different rooms.

You will need:

An old telephone cable

300 ‎Ω resistor

A small project box

9v battery holder

9v battery

Step 1: Strip the Wire

Take the old phone cord and carefully remove a bit of the insulation in the middle. Then cut the red wire and strip both ends

Step 2: Soldering

Solder on wire of the 9v battery holder to the one of the red wires on the telephone cord. Then solder a 300‎ Ω resistor to the battery holder and the other red wire. Cover the exposed connections with electrical tape.

Step 3: We Have Power

Power the device with a 9v battery and then mount the electronics into a small project box.

Step 4: Connection Methods

Because of the one odd connection on the end of the PBX we need a way to make it plug into telephone N.O. 2. To do this there are several ways. Here are two:

1. Connect the PBX to a telephone splitter

2. Use an adapter

You should be able to see by looking at the pictures.

Step 5: All Done

You can now use your micro PBX system. Thanks for reading!



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