Micro Paperclip Flinger

This is my first instructable so let me know if there is a way i can improve.Thank You

This is a funny little shooter that flicks around little things.It looks cool and you can tape it anywhere
from your dinner table to your class desk.It's very easy to make so lets get started!

Step 1: Materials

You will only need:


any size parerclip


That's it!

Step 2: Bend!

Bend the paperclip's inner loop 45 degrees up.
Look at the picture to see what i mean.

Step 3: Add the Basket

Add a piece of tape to the part you bended up.Loop around it so that part is now able to hold a projectile.

Step 4: Secure Base and Fire!

Add a piece of tape to the bottom to keep the flinger in place.
Now just put a projectile on and pull back and let go to fire.

You can modify this flinger by bending it more up.
Make sure you dont get caught!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    hmmmmm.... decent, but the ammo easily slides down.... try adding a basket thingy.