Micro Spider Robot

In this project the development of a legged robot,which have needed features for search and rescue operations to access to survivors is aimed. Different walking algorithms are designed for this purpose and tested their performance.The legged robot inspired by spider is developed with the control mechanism and executes various walking behavior.

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Step 1: Let's Gather the Components

1. Arduino nano x 1

2.power bank / 5v battery x1

3. Servos x 3 (sg90-pg micro servo)

4.3d printed chassis (stl files have been attached below)

Print with 50 % infill.

Step 2: Test-Code

just check your robot with code attached below, so that we can make leg adjustment, if needed.

Step 3: Adding Bluetooth to Your Robot

IF you successfully test the servos then, Now its time to add bluetooth.

Make the connections like below:

1.Arduino to bluetooth

Arduino 5v to Bluetooth VCC

Arduino gnd to bluetooth gnd

Arduino RX to Bluetooth TX

Arduino TX to Bluetooth RX

Servo connections should be as per the program.

Now download the code and test your robot.

use any blueterm application.

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