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Hello, Welcome to my first Instructable.
Not much of an Instructable other than me showing something I figured out. Check out the pics below.

Here I have a solution for those pesky small things that you might like to carry around with you, but just might not know where or how to keep them.

My Fiancee always has some sort of spray bottle around. It wasn't until I was actually working on something else that I came up with this quite by accident. I was removing the little caps from those spray bottles from the shelf in the bathroom and she was talking to me about something and I was fiddling around with the caps in my hand while she was talking. I noticed that with a little bit of pressure that the caps could fit inside each other end to end. The other project I was working on was an Altoids tin kit. I got that idea from where else, Instructables of course.

The only part of this that requires any real work, making an end cap.
This can be done by getting a pair of utility scissors and cutting around the cap until it is about a third of the length it was.
The cap will take a bit of pushing to get on good, and don't push all the way down because it will get stuck there. if that does happen, you could squeeze just below the level of the cap and it will eventually come up.

I have found these great for medication, small screws, small amount of coiled up fishing line, small hooks, cotton, small batteries, jumpers, and more. Keep em in you toolbox, tackle box, whatever.

Four of them pressed tightly together with an end cap fit snug but well into an Altoids tin.

Thank you, I hope someone finds this useful.




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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! This will work well to store vaseline coated cotton balls for fire starters. I can use this with my scout troop. Thanks!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Would be a good pill container like Monday tuesday etc ut also good for electronics rated 3.5/5

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well I do keep jumpers in these, inside my computer toolbox. Anything small works great. I use these all the time to carry aspirins to work.