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The idea behind the Micro Wallet is to carry only important stuff like cards and little cash, it will not allow you to carry any useless receipts and cards which makes your tradition wallet getting fad and fad as the time passes, it is as slim as your iphone but effective as well, it will allows you to carry maximum 6 cards, but their is no space for coins.

Target people of this micro wallet are those who don't want to carry bulky wallet while traveling and those who can't stop themselves to collect useless receipts, visiting cards etc. It will also caters those who prefer to use cards more than cash.

One most universally common reason behind most men back pain is an early age habit of keeping
wallet in their back pockets and sitting on it while driving, working etc for an extensive period of time which forces the body posture especially the pelvis and spine out of position. The wallet acts like a cram under your buttock and the foremost reason of you becoming the contender of sciatica or back pain.

Feel free to make your pockets smaller and lighter, making it minimal.

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Step 1: Materials


18 gauge aluminum sheet.

1 inch elastic role.

Step 2: Tool


Sheet cutter

Dremel micro rotator tool

Nose Plier




Step 3: Component 1: Aluminum Base

This aluminum base acts as a main body to the wallet, having a slit to hold the hook (instructions given in the coming up paragraph) in. It also gives support to avoid bending of the cards, by giving a strong base.

1. You can start by cutting a 18 gauge rectangular piece of aluminum sheet in 34 mm x 85 mm.

2. Draw lines by dividing the rectangular sheet in to 3 parts on 53 mm, 6 mm and 85 mm respectively.

3. Using the sheet bender or mallet with vice , bend the sheets from the respective lines.

4. Finally create a slit of 22.5 mm vertically, from the right end on a distance of 7 mm. (for the hook to be held).

Now, your first component is DONE.

Step 4: Component 2: Knitting Cloth Elastic

This one will not take long...

The intent of this elastic is to hold any number of cards and notes (due to the elastic property).

1. Use a 1 inch knitting cloth elastic.

2. Cut a length of 95 mm with scissors.

3. Take a glue (I have used anabond and it worked perfectly) and stick the elastic to the base (Component -1)body.

Now, your second component is also DONE.

Step 5: Component 3: Aluminum Hook

To make a 3rd and last component of the micro wallet which is a hook, helps to hold tightly the cards in your micro wallet.

1. cut an aluminum sheet of 18 gauge into dimension of 22 mm X 27 mm

2. Draw lines by dividing the rectangular sheet in to 3 parts on 22.2 mm, 3.2 mm and 7.5 mm respectively , with both side slit of 4 mm to hold the elastic tightly on its place

3. Using the sheet bender or mallet with vice , bend the sheets from the respective lines.

Now, your third component is DONE.

Step 6: Assemble the Aluminum Sheet Components and Elestic

After creating all three component or the parts of the micro wallet,

Now, its time to assemble them together

1. glue, preferably anabond is to be applied on the component-1(aluminum), to attach the component-2 (knitting cloth elastic).

2. After gluing and drying, clamp the other end of the elastic with component-3(hook) with the help of nose plier or plier to fix it tightly on its position.

3. DONE!!

Step 7: And... You're DONE!!

Once your done feel free to put all your cash and cards and hit the streets!

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    The project clearly requires improvement ... Because not always the purse will be hammered to the point of failure because of what the fixing of the content occurs, and if there is no fixation, the contents will drop out.