Micro Advanced Spudgun




Introduction: Micro Advanced Spudgun

17 Years old, doing a Masters in Professional Engineering (chemistry/mechanical) starting at UWA ...

The worlds smallest advanced combustion spudgun

This is one of my micro spudguns. It has a 1/2" (pipe size, not actually that large) schedule 40 PVC chamber rated to several hundred psi. It has a fan to mix the fuel-air mixture before deflagration, and a 3 gap sparkstrip to create 6 flame fronts rather than two. It also ignites the fuel-air mixture more reliably.

Fuel (butane or propane) is metered from a small syringe and directly injected into the chamber. The barrel threads are 1/4" tapered NPT. There is a schrader (automotive valve) added for chamber clearing and hybridding. This cannon can also use a burst disk.

By the way, for those who do not know, an advanced combustion (spudgun) usually has: metered fuel injection, chamber fan, spark strip, breech loading (loads from back of barrel, not the front) and whatever other features. Not your normal spray 'n pray.



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    sorry for the double post but um is the schrader there for maybe optional hybrid use??? or what purpose does it serve... and did you tap it in??? and then epoxied for reinforcement???? and also does ur barrel thread or do you just push it in

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    Yes, it had some small leaks which I had to epoxy up before attempting to use it as a hybrid. I simply removed all the rubber from the schrader and epoxied it in. The barrel threads in with a 1/4" NPT fitting. The tubing on the syringe is flexible, it is pulled onto the nib (bit of the valve) of the lighter to fuel, then removed to inject into chamber. The fan is from a miniature radio controlled car, they are also found in vibrating phones and pagers (lol). When I build the next one it will use a smaller motor from an r/c heli. The switch is just a common push-on available from radioshack or anywhere. Next version will use a smaller switch and a smaller, brighter LED

    wow, looks like one of those dime a dozen 'steampunk' things.

    which I guess isn't bad, considering its functional.

    possibly the worlds tiniest hybrid! ha!!! post this to spudfiles and spud tech, dang!!

    i know about spudguns my only question is that for me when im injecting my butane from those refillable lighteer butane things... i usually just stick the needle in the hole... then fill it up to 1 ml... and open it and let all the butane in... but i see that you have that small butane hose thingy... can you maybe explain to me what YOUR way of injecting the butane??? THANKS in advance :D and btw very nice spud gun ... where did you get the fan and the on and off switch??

    This spud gun is amazing, but is it any different from your first micro spud gun?

    Hmm.. When I make the next version with some upgrades (more serviceable, smaller switch, better lookin..) I'll do an 'ible.