Micro Controller Free Decision Box

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Intro: Micro Controller Free Decision Box

This is a box that makes decision randomly without the use of micro controller inspired from first version by victor and second version by victor but this is different from them and cheap and simple but real watch video working

Step 1: How I Made This!?

I made this with the simple mechanism of circuit as u can see in the picture there are two leds' and one movable metal conducting rod whenever it touches with one wire it glows yellow meaning yes and either other red meaning no this is very adorable and light weight and everyone can understand its functioning hope u like it

Step 2: How It Looks?

it is very gorgeous and light weight as shown in the picture hope u like it please vote,favorite,view and question!!!!!



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    3 years ago

    You said that this uses a microcontroller like the original Version by victor used an attiny 85 but you didn't use one. Please remove the word 'microcontroller' from your title.

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Its says "Micro controller free" that means using no microcrontroller