Introduction: MicroSTAGE

microSTAGE is a little CNC with laser.


the initial concept was to made this machine using less pieces possible and the results is a machine made by only 3 pieces 3d printed.

I0ve also made 2 version,, one using common NEMA 17 motors and one that use BGY28 stepper motor, this version is very cheap and the motors are selled for 2$ with the motor driver

Step 1: Mechanic

wit just 2 3D printed parts, the alinement of the bar and bearing results perfect and I spent just 1 hour for the assembly


2 STEPPER MOTOR (Nema17 or BGY2812)

5mm lead screw

8mm steel rod

7 linear bearing LM8UU

1 Arduino/genuino board

CNC shield or 2 motor driver

Step 2: Files

is possible to download the file here

or visit my github page


In the CAD folders there is the original Freecad file, and in the oter folder there are all the STL to print the nicroSTAGE


I've update the github repo adding the STEP version too


The intent is to use microSTAGE for PCB.

Using presensibilized board, is possible with a uv laser to engrave the positive or negative part and then develop the PCB.

To drive the cnc I used Inkscape with te awesome LaserEngrave plugin

Step 4: Electronic

The wiring is pretty simple using a GRBL CNC shield.

Follow the schemathic that I've dicovered in Hackster.io

the list of material is:

  • 1x Arduino Uno
  • 1x Motor Jaw Shaft Coupler 5x5mm
  • 1x CNC Shield v3.1
  • 1x Laser driver 12v
  • 2x stepper motors Nema 17
  • 1x power supply 12v 5A
  • 1x laser diode 1w 445 nm 5.6mm
  • 1x heatsink 5.6mm laser diode



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    15 Discussions

    ok i see. 60*70.

    But, anyway need more specifications.

    HI OWENlab!!!

    Can you please upload a more "detailed" list of the mechanical parts?

    I see many more parts on the pictures than the BOM section and I'm afraid I'm missing some parts on my shopping cart

    What are the dimensions of this? I imported the STL files and they measure 1800mm between the inside faces of the gantry which can't be correct

    3 replies

    I added the STEP file in my github repo, can you check it?

    Thank you for adding the STEP model. I see that this model adds the sides but seems to be missing the rails and motors. When I select the body which has the base it also selects the walls. I can try and split bodies but I think these are separate components in your original model.

    What 3D printer did you use to make this? It seems a little large for most printers.

    I opened your CAD files but I have not used FreeCAD before and your model has many items that don't appear to be in your final design. Could you please export into STEP format so I can work with your design?


    2 years ago

    WOW ! Amazing ! It's incredibly compact and well designed !

    It looks like a professional engraver.

    I've searched for those cheap motor but reference BGY2812 doesn't seams to be correct ! >> Ok i've just found, it's 28byj-48 !

    Your laser module seems to be really good, where can i buy it ?

    Do you have any estimation of the project price (including 3d printing, mechanics and electronics) ?

    3 replies

    Hi thanks a lot, the motor 28byj-48 works well, you have just to check de current voltage, you can chose the 5 or 12V version

    The cost of the machine depend to the country where you live, in europe the cost is about 150€ buyng some pieces like the laser in aliexpress or banggood

    Is it a TTL laser module or a normal one that you just control with a relay or a transistor ?

    I have 2 laser, one normal and one that I can control in PWM like a spindle

    What are the build and workspace dimensions? You should sell this as a kit or preassembled, I love it and would buy it!

    1 reply

    Hi thanks a lot, I'm not thinking about commercialize de machine, the workspace is about 60*70mm because I want to use it for PCB

    Can you add the firmware and describe bether the from the path creation to engraving.
    A wiring scheme and a laser recomendation would be also great.

    1 reply

    Hi, I will add more details in theese days, I'm sorry but I'm not at the lab in August