Micro:bit SOKIT / Making the Steering Wheel.

Using the micro-bits and cardboard made the car handle.

Step 1: ​What You Need

  1. Corrugated

  2. Aluminum tape

  3. Scissors

  4. tape

  5. micro:bit SOKIT

Step 2: Attach Aluminum Tape to Corrugated Board.

  1. Use the 1-pin, 0-pin, and GND pins of the micro-bit.
  2. Design the seat of the pin and affix an aluminium tape

Step 3: Attach the Aluminum Tape to the Button.

It is designed to use 1 pin and 0 pin as a switch.

Step 4:

Attach the top and bottom plates using adhesive.

Step 5: Watch the Video

Physical Computing.

Make, Play and Discover new adventures with the all new micro:bit SOKIT: Vehicle Kit! Create and control new Toy-Con Projects, including the Car.



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