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This is a magnet with a chip face (chip on a magnet). I made the actual item in about 5 minutes, the first time. They're really easy to make, for the most part. They overlap the magnet so it looks like they are part of the fridge, as if the fridge were a big circuit board.

Materials ---

Something with a chip on it that you can take apart. I used an old gameport PCI card for a computer. Or if you have some chips laying around, use those, they will look better. If you're taking them off a board, they'll probably get bend up a bit like mine.
A magnet of some kind, obviously. I used an old bendy Domino's Pizza card magnet. It's not that strong, but it works for thin stuff.
Tape, or some other kind of adhesive.

Tools ---

Pliers, or some other tool you can use to break stuff by bending it. Circuit boards can hard to break, depending on the thickness.
Scissors to cut the tape and card magnet.

Also, be sure to check out CameronSS's version. LINK

Step 1: Get Your Chip!

Begin by getting your circuit board with a chip, and snapping the board into pieces to get at your prize. I did this by lining up the pliers with the edge of the chip and bending it as hard as I could to break the board. Be very careful though, and make sure you don't snap the legs off of the chip.

You only need to break off one or two sides of the board around the chip, then it will become loose. Now (carefully!) break off the chip. BE CAREFUL WITH THE LEGS! They bend and break very easily!

Step 2: Attach the Chip to the Magnet

Now get your bendy magnet card, and draw the shape of the black body part of the chip, or a little smaller. If your magnet is of a contrasting colour to your chip (mine was white), make sure it doesn't stick outside the body of the chip. If it does it will look ugly.

Now cut out the shape of the chip body out of the magnet. Then use some tape (roll it in a circle) or glue to stick it to the chip. Make sure it doesn't stick outside of the chip body (redundant!)

You're done! Now call your momma in the room and show her how great you are!



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    11 years ago on Step 1

    what works really well for this kind of a job: a hot air blower and some tweezers. just a few seconds of heating the chip and you can pick it off the board if you're quick. I guess even a butane torch (like the ones used in the kitchen) or even a candle could be used. Just heat the board from the underside with a candle. The chip and many components nearby will probably be rendered nonfunctional, but it won't matter as you wont be using them any more anyway. This makes removing the chips easyer, you'll be less likely to break the IC and the legs will stay intact and straight.

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    even better i find is a propane torch. if you blast some parts for a few seconds then tap the back you'll quickly depopulate the entire board


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    oh i thought you meant one of those little jet flame lighters. ya the big torches use sort of a half and half usually in that mp propane stuff but even the cheep straight propane works wonders with those plumbing torches


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting...We apparently both got two negative ratings. I wonder who hates us?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I use a blowtorch to de-solder the chips, it melt the solder all the way around slip a small screwdriver underneath, works nice. Good idea. Also if you want to remove the legs, because they are so thin just drawing a knife along the edge of the chip will cut them off.