Microchip Keychain in Less Than 5 Minutes !!!




Hi everyone, I was cleaning my office and I found some microchips they were burned, so instead of throwing them I just decide to make some fun keychain, to everyone can know you are a guy of computers hahaha !!!

Step 1: What You Need ?

1 Plier
1 Old Microchip (Not Working)
1 Keychain metals.
1 Dremel
5 Minutes

Step 2: The Hole !!!

Lets grab our Dremel, and the tip, go to the corner, and lets do it !!!

Step 3: Put Everything Together !!!

Lets grab our pliers, and put the bone of the keychain to the micro.

Step 4: It's Done !!!

There you go you have a nice tech geek keychain in less than 5 minutes, just put your keys and enjoy your new keychain.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I wouldn't think it would be terribly toxic. The dust is mostly from the molded plastic that encases the actual chip. Probably should still avoid inhaling it though.