Microcontrollers Based Automatic Intensity Control of Street Lights

Introduction: Microcontrollers Based Automatic Intensity Control of Street Lights

Microcontrollers based Automatic intensity control of street lights project is designed using pic16F877A microcontroller to automatically control intensity of street lights. It can also turn on and turn off street lights automatically. Light dependent resistor is used as a light sensor to sense light and intensity of light. Another function of this project is control intensity of street light according to intensity of light by sun. It also detects vehicles on roads at night time. If there is any vehicle on road after 12:00am in night, light turns on automatically. Otherwise street lights remains off after 12:00 am. In day time street lights turn off completely. There is no need to manual control of street lights after implementing this project. DS1307 real time clock is used to keep track of time in day timing and night timings. DS1307 real time clock keep record of time and displays it on LCD. PIC16F877A microcontroller reads time and take actions based on time. Three push buttons are used to set time of real time clock. After 12:00am intensity of street lights start decreasing and turn off completely at 1:00am, if there is no vehicle on road. After 1:00am, Infrared sensors detects vehicles on road, if there is any vehicle on road, street lights turns on automatically and remain on for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes street lights turn off again autimatically. For more details checkcomplete circuit diagram, its working and code

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    2 years ago on Introduction

    hello , can i get the full coding for this project ??