Microphone Isolation Shield




I wanted to improve the sound experience of my Blue Yeti microphone.

A commercial isolation shield is far too expensive for what it is ... so let's do it yourself !

It is based on a Ikea Lampshade, some "papier maché" and acoustic isolation foam.

Total cost : 20 eur !


Step 1: Cut the Lampshade

The Lampshade comes from Ikea. Reference is BRUNSTA and it is 35 cm high.

Cut an opening on the top for the mic.

Step 2: Glue the "Papier Maché"

Prepare some wall paper paste and soak some cardboard in it.

When it is wet and soft, paste in on the lambshade frame on both sides.

Put at least two layers. Let it dry one or two days.

Step 3: Add Acoustic Foam

Get some acoustic foam in the local shop.

Insert the foam inside and fix it with with double face adhesive paper.

Step 4: Test It ..

Finish by wrapping with a XXL panty as anti-pop !!

You should see a difference, less echo, muffled sound .. better indeed !

Step 5:



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    2 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    Yes you are right, the cardioid mode pick the sound from the front mainly .. but yet this is better with this shield. I can clearly hear a difference. Gain level is around 5-10 %. The room is already insulated with the same foam boards I used for the shield and curtains.


    4 weeks ago

    The Yeti is a nice mic. Setting it to the proper pickup pattern should reject the sound from the back. The echo and bad sound might be from being in a small room or try adjusting the gain level. Treat the room, not the mic.