Microphone Cradle Mount

Introduction: Microphone Cradle Mount

In this inscrutable I will outline the process in which to make a microphone cradle mount.

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Step 1: Base

On the top plane sketch a circle with a diameter of .844''  Once that is complete use a boss extrude feature to

Step 2: Chamfer

Now chamfer the bottom edge with a distance of 0.0625'' and angle of 45degrees

Step 3: Face Cutting

Sketch a square on the bottom of the cylinder with a side length of .766'' Now sketch a circle around the square with a diameter of .766''

Next cut extrude the area between the square and the circle , Through all 

Step 4: Bottom Mounting Threads

Upon completion of the previous step sketch a circle at the bottom of the part smart dimension it to .563'' then extrude cut it to 0.328125''

Step 5: Saddle Cut

Draw a rectangle on one of the flat faces of the side .484'' height and .35'' in width. The top edge of the rectangle should be coincident with the top edge of the part.
Extrude cut this rectangle through all.

Step 6: Screw Clamp Hole

Draw a circle on either remaining flat side faces with a center point of .406'' below the top edge of the part, and a diameter of .469''

Cut extrude the circle with the up to next option.

Step 7: Top Rounding

Draw two concentric circles around the circle that you just cut extruded, and on the same face the bigger one of these circles should be .63'' in diameter the smaller one should be .41'' in diameter then connect these two circles with a horizontal line parallel to the top of the part and perfectly bisecting both circles.
Then trim the middle segment of the line to create and arch shaped sketch. Once all that's done cut extrude the sketch through all.

Step 8: Bolt Hole

Sketch a circle on the opposite face of the previous circle .125'' in diameter. This circle should be concentric with the one opposite of it. Cut extrude with the up to next option.

Step 9: Bevel Bolt Hole

Chamfer the previous circle to 0.0625''  in distance toward the part, and at a 45 degree angle

Step 10: Final Product

Here is some pictures of your final product in the maker bot.

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