Microsoft Word

Introduction: Microsoft Word

This is where you will learn how to create an outline on Microsoft word.

Step 1: Creating the Document

The first step is to open a blank word page and change the font to time new roman font.

Step 2: Change the Font Size

The next step is to change the document font to font size 12.

Step 3: Change the Spacing

Change the spacing of the document to 2.0.

Step 4: Creating Your Top Label

First write your first and last name. Enter. Then write your teacher's name. Enter. Next write the subject name. Enter. Finally write the due date.

Step 5: Creating Your Page Numbering

Double click the top of the page, then go to header display and click align top right corner. Type your last name in front.

Step 6: Adding Your Title Page and the Roman Numering

To add your title align to the center and write your creative heading. To add your roman numering click the list with the numbers and click the one with the I.

Step 7: Adding Your Thesis

While your curser is left-aligned write thesis: and then your thesis. Bold your thesis.

Step 8: For the I...

For the I this will be a main part of your paper such as background.

Step 9: What Is the Lowercase Letters and the Numbers?

The lowercase letter is where you will write your topic sentence for your paragraph. The numbers are where you will put the direct quotes.

Step 10: The 2nd Little A

The 2nd little a is where you will talk about what the quote brings to your paper.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice introduction to Microsoft Word. I hope that you will share more tutorials in the future.