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Introduction: Microview DHT11 Meteo Station

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There a coworking space that have a air condition system very poor... Now when I go in this space I must were like in photo.

But now I've a little help from my MicroView. With Micro View Micro Meteo Station.

Do you want a MicroView? Try the inventor KIT

What's Micro View? See this page by SparkFun.

I use the Micro View for read and print on a little oled screen the value of temperature and humidity. The project works with a 9 volts battery, or a USB port. You can connect this on your computer, or use it stand-alone.

Now I put this in the coworking room. The chief don't ignore this silent demostration.

The materials are

1 X Microview

1 X DHT-11 humidity and temperature sensor

1 X Perfored tab

1 X 4.7k resistor

1 X 0.1uF capacitor

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Step 1: Connect the Microview

I have made a board with connectors, and 9V battery plug. You can connect all the components with a breadboard.

Connect the DHT-11 to power supply (5V), and to pin number 2 of your Sparkfun Microview. The DHT-11 needs a 4.7k resistor between the out pin and VCC pin. See the image.

After you can install the DHT-11 library by https://github.com/adafruit/DHT-sensor-library

Test the sensor with the example test library. Do you see the temperature and the humidity? Right! Now upload the code!

Step 2: Upload the Firmware

Connect your Microview to your computer between the USB serial converter. Add the board of your Arduino IDE. For add the board select Tools --> Boars --> Board Manager --> Micorview.

Open the txt file. Copy the file on your Arduino IDE, select Microview like board, and upload the code.

Step 3: See the Final Result

When you switch on the Microview you can see two values on screen. The first value is temp in C°, the second kind of value is Humidity in %.

If you want show the Fahrenheit temperature add this after int mt = t-(t*0.13);

int mf = mt * 1.8 + 32;

substitute this

widget -> setValue(mt);


widget -> setValue(mf);

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    3 years ago

    A nice starter project for this delightful yet still under used module. Thank you.