Microview Digital Dice



Microview is a simple board Arduino based, that have a mini screen., and different pins for input and output. I've used this for make a simple digital dice. When you the microview, the dice begin to move, until stop. When the dice stop's, you can see the result on the screen.

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Step 1: The Hard...ware Work

Connect the Micro View to the power supply, and to the tilt sensor.
I've used a USB cable to give 5V power to MicroView. After you can connect the tilt sensor to GND and to A0 input. When you flip the microview, this show you the dice that rolls. After a random number of rolls, the Micro View dice stops to a face, and show the result.

Step 2: The Soft...ware Work

First of all, you can download the Arduino IDE.

The Arduino IDE is on the http://www.arduino.cc

After you must install the MicroView library manually by download the library:


and adding this library in Documents/Arduino/libraries.

Or you can add the library automatically by searching the library by the Libraries manager in Arduino IDE.

Click on the Sketch --> Includes Library --> Libraries Manager. Search in the library manager microview.

Now you can upload on MicroView one example code. Click File --> Examples --> Microview --> Cube. It Works ?!

Now is the moments of the dice...

Copy the code and upload it on MicroView.

Here there are the code:




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