Microwave 5min Cake




Introduction: Microwave 5min Cake

This is very easy and fast but also a god cake.
For one person or two to share

4tbs flour
4tbs white sugar
1/2ts baking soda
3tbs coco powder
4tbs milk
1ts vanilla extract
1 egg

Step 1: Mix

This step is just to mix all the ingredients, I start with all the dry ingredients first then the others.

Then I put the microwave on 900W for 5 min.
Every microwave is different so you should test and check up on the cake.

You can also have some chocolate chips on the top for a little extra touch.

Step 2: Eat :)

You can eat it straight out of the microwave or put some vanilla ice cream. Enjoy ;)

Open for changes:)



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    4 Discussions

    Well, we tried this but it came out very spongy. I may try to add a bit of vegetable oil the next time I try it. :-(

    1 reply

    Oh. That is weird maby it has something to do with the microwave that yours coks slower then mine or something like that :) better luck nekst time ;)

    I'm guessing you just used a regular size coffee cup. Looks easy! I'm gonna try it!