Microwave a Cat




Introduction: Microwave a Cat

Freak out your coworkers or roommates by putting the cat in the microwave!

Not a real cat, of course, but a colour printout taped to the inside of the microwave door with a flashing light mimicking an electrical zap. Make sure to stay nearby with a camera on hand to capture the look on your victim's face, and to assure them there's no cat inside the microwave.

*It's never okay to put anything other than food in the microwave, so don't do this with a real cat (duh). Also, don't turn on the microwave with the flashlight inside.*

Step 1: Search and Print

Use your favourite Internet search and look for cats (or any other animal or thing you think would be fun in the microwave for the prank), then print them out in colour on your home printer.

Print them out as large as possible, most print options will have a "fit to page" button that you can select that will fill the image to the printer page.

Step 2: Tape to Inside of Microwave Door

Using a transparent tape applied to the back edges of the printout the paper is attached to the inside of the microwave door, making sure to tape the edges flat against the door to eliminate any gaps.

Step 3: Add Flashlight

Since the inside of most microwaves are white it acts as a nice reflector for light to bounce around in. Place a small flashlight inside the microwave chamber pointed towards the back, that way the light bounces back to the taped on image.

This small camping flashlight has a strobe feature, which adds to the effect.

Step 4: Close Door and Wait

Close the door of the microwave (do not turn on), and wait for someone to walk into the room. Since it's a silent prank it may take a little while to notice, but this just adds to the surprise.

Of course, a prank is only fun if the person is let in on the joke - so make sure you're close by to open the microwave and show them there's no cat inside.

Happy pranksgiving!



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    36 Discussions

    We had a microwave spark like crazy and then quit working--FOREVER. Curious, we tore it apart and found a dead mouse trapped in the door latch.

    Hey, i have a guinea pig and i just did put it inside the oven.

    But i have a problem, once i hit the startbutton, the pig starts to bite on the inner metal mesh and destroys my microwave.

    Any idea how to sit still the pig?

    12 replies

    meow ;3

    (no cats where harmed in the making of this comment)

    You just wasted probably a couple seconds typing this comment. That's probably several dozen milliwatts of electricity.

    The fossil fuels that were burnt JUST for your comment might have killed a cat...

    I recomend gluing its paws to a plate of some sort, super glue is very effective, but you wont be able to get it off without hurting the guinea pig...but whatever, its your call what to do...lol

    April fool. If this was real it would be dead the instant you pressed the button.

    That's not actually how microwaves work. I'm not saying it's a good idea or that it's pleasant but it's not instant death.

    Maybe not instant, but fast for such a small animal.

    And, it wouldn't have enough time to chew the microwave shield for sure.

    Here you go...


    Just a simulation. Nothing to see here

    This would be such a cruel thing to leave in viewing range of an animal rights activist or someone of that easily provoked ilk.

    just stick to normal euthanization. this method isn't humane at all. awesome prank though. i will try it

    A cat will blow up if you put it in the microwave..... unless you poke with a fork a couple of times.

    So many cats......so few recipes