Microwave Potato


Introduction: Microwave Potato

Did you ever want to make a quick, easy and healthy snack in only about 5 minutes? Then this Instructable is for you. For the price of only an average potato and a paper plate you can make a delicious microwave potato. Enjoy! Please rate if the instructable is good. Thanks

This is for Burning Questions so please vote if you think it is good

This is also my first instructable so comments and suggestions are welcome.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. A paper or microwave safe plate
2. A potato
3. A fork
4. A microwave

1. Butter
2 Salt
3. Any other seasoning/topping

Step 2: Washing the Potato

Don't spend a lot of time on this step. Just wash it for about 30 seconds. Then, dry it with a paper towel and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Preparing the Potato

To prepare the potato for the microwave you will have to poke 8 sets of holes with a fork. This is to let out the pressure when you are microwaving it.

Step 4: Microwaving the Potato

Stick the potato on a paper or microwave safe plate and microwave it. In my microwave, it takes about 5 minutes on high to make one potato. You may want to experiment with the time because all microwaves are a little different. To test how long it should take for you, microwave a potato for five minutes. Then, take a knife, poke a hole in the potato and see how soft the inside is. The softer the better.

Step 5: Getting Ready to Eat the Potato

When your potato is ready to take out of the microwave it will be hot so be careful. There are many ways of preparing the potato. I personally like the way where you open it up and spread it out with a fork but it is completely up to you. After you cut open the potato you may want to put butter, salt, or any other topping/seasoning on it. Enjoy!



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    Blimey. It's hard to please some people eh! This chap goes to the trouble to actually create an Instructable, and all others take the time to do is criticise. As some of you can obviously do better....... use that time to create your own! Thank you crazytrain... btw, frying does not take away the nutrition, and ugene2 is def right. it really does make the spud that much better ;)

    1 reply

    Hey, thanks, I didn't see this till today. I always thought that frying stuff made it a little less nutritional because of all the oil. I agree with ugene2 though, frying pretty much anything makes it good.

    Thanks again for the feedback

    When you put the spud into the microwave, also put a frying pan on the burner to warm it up on high. When the potato comes out, add butter or cooking oil to the pan and put it in the pan. cover tightly and turn once. This redistributes the moisture in the potato making it seem more like oven-baked. Takes about an additional 5 minutes.

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    Completely unnecessary and takes too much time. Spud tastes great right out of the microwave.

    Also takes care of that yukky microwave peeling (where a lot of the nutrients and vitamins are) by making it nice and crispy.

    Try it. It might surprise you how good the peeling tastes after frying.

    Is this supposed to be serious?  Have we actually gotten to the point in society that we need INSTRUCTIONS on how to nuke a potato? 

    5 replies

    I put it in my vitamix and put it on high for 8 minutes.

    it was for burning questions

    BTW, good job on the penny stove ible. just a quick question, with JB weld, do you have to mix it or what. Im thinking of building the penny stove.

    Thanks.  :/  Now you made me feel bad...

    The JB Weld is an epoxy that comes as two parts (white and black).   You mix it together in equal parts. 

    this instructable is amazinng! i love microwaved potatoes. it's definately good to know.

    there have been two others exactly like this