"Midge" the Cage Dancing Lil' Lady D.I.Y Halloween Costume

Introduction: "Midge" the Cage Dancing Lil' Lady D.I.Y Halloween Costume

About: I work as a LPN at a long term care facility.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday as I can be anything I am able to imagine. It has been a family tradition as long as I can remember to think of and create the most original costumes in celebration on my grandmothers birthday. Since her passing, my mother, sister and I continue this tradition and have a great time each year. This year I wanted to defy my normal body shape and attempt to be a little person. I am nearly 6 feet tall and this is how it was accomplished. This costume is tons of fun and attracts a lot of attention.

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Step 1:

Materials and tools needed to create this costume:
-2 masks with wigs (Thrift store and Target)
-1 foam head (Sally Beauty Supply)
-6 four foot dowel rods (Lowes)
-1 Large fitting suit (Home made)
-2 spools of Duct Tape
-Battery operated LED christmas lights (K-mart)
-1 large bag of glue sticks and glue gun (Michaels)
-1 Belt (Wal-mart)
-4 Styrofoam sheets (Michaels)
-1 Pair gloves (Wal-mart)
-1 Package safety pins multiple sizes (Jo-ann Fabrics)
-1 Package Fiber Fill (Jo-ann Fabrics)
-2 Coat hangers
-1 Doll (Thrift store)

Step 2:

The first step in my creation began with removing the head from the doll and attaching a ribbon to each side of her neck with hot glue, this allows for the dolls body to be attached to your chin. I used a cabbage patch kid I found at the Thrift store. I later added clothing and boots for extra details.

Step 3:

Next I assembled the "dummy" head starting with the 2nd mask and wig, I adhered them to the foam head with hot glue. I then hollowed a hole in the base of the neck of the foam head and secured the doubled hanger into the foam head with duct tape. To construct the "dummy" body i flattened a box and attached the hanger to the top shoulder area of the dummy and inserted dowel rods for stability in an x shape within the box then secured it all with duct tape. Hot glue was used in securing a belt low to mid torso of the dummy to be secured around your chest for stability. I then attached the suit to the dummy torso and stuffed the shoulders, arms and gloves with fiber fill.

Step 4:

When creating the cage, I used half length dowel rods and inserted them into the foam boards and secured with hot glue. Once the front cage area was adhered, i cut a moon shape into the stage area for my body. I  then covered the whole cage area with duct tape to resemble metal and create added support. For extra detail I used Battery operated lighting around the cage. I glued a trash bag to the back of the cage area as a curtain to hide your chest and torso.

Step 5:

I attached the cage to the "dummy" only by safety pinning the pointer fingers and thumbs together around each front corner dowel rod. It required assistance to duck up in between the "dummy" and the cage. Comfort was an issue with this costume and it was extremely hot. Luckily you have a stage or table in front of you for a drink, dont forget your straw! 

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