Miele Electric Duster

Introduction: Miele Electric Duster

Convert Miele S 230i into an electric duster.

In the you can see the body of a broken Miele cut in half and reconnected to the engine block.

The engine wouldn't turn on because the filter capacitor inside lost its wiring. After simply reconnecting the wires without the capacitor the engine worked just fine.

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Step 1: Remove Parts, Cut Body in Half and Reassemble

Remove the top and backside parts from the body of the vacuum cleaner that connect the body to the hose. Then heat up a Stanley knife hold your breath and cut out the plastic tube that was holding both parts.

Remove the gasket, clean parts with ammonia and glue part 3558781 on the exit hole of the engine casing.

The glue the black holder back onto the removed plastic tube (1st and 3rd picture) and glue the whole on the part already glued to the engine casing.

I used two component glue intended for plastic and capable of withstanding vibrations.

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