Migraine Pendant




Introduction: Migraine Pendant

About: Artist & designer.
  • It’s a lightweigt (only 5 grms) pendant that contains lavender seeds in its pouch.
  • Lavender scent known as relief for those who suffer migraine.
  • This pendant is a design for both decorational & sensual.
  • Made out of cotton fabric that covered with plastic pipe and then sewed & wrapped.

Available at mainili.com

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Step 1: Ideas

Step 2: Supplies

Small Cotton Fabric

Lavender Seeds - about 2grms

Plastic Pipe - 2mm, 40cm long

Thick Thread


Some Sewing Skills

Step 3: How It Looks

Step 4: Sniff & Release

Enjoy !

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    1 year ago

    Nice idea and it looks good too!

    The idea of using hebal/aromatherapy in jewelry is quite inspirational to me :)