Mike Wasosky!!!



About: Sono italiano ho scoperto questo sito che mi e' piaciuto molto non sono molto bravo nel "Fai da te" ma imparero'

Ok I’ll make up a “Mike Wasosky”.
Well, firstly take the right colour of the ball: a pea green, white (for the eye) and light blue (for the irid) and for the pupil use a little button.

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Step 1: Mike Wasosky!!!

Ok after this take the crochet and start to make the amigurumi….
Before completing it, change the colour and use the white to complete the amigurumi.
Upon the white part crochet a small light blue circle which will be the irid.
On the irid sew a little black button. Then add arms and legs, I’ve done 10 little rounds for the arms and 15 for the legs.
Hello Mike!!!!!

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