Mike Wazowski Cake




Everybody knows Mike Wazowski, right?

In this guide we will walk through the steps needed to make such a beautiful cake, ready?

Step 1: Cake Coverage

Don't get too excited..yet :)

First start by spreading out the fondant and re-shape it into your desired design, in our case it is circular as our cake is rounded, put it on top and the cut out the extra edges and let it cool for 10 mins.

Step 2: Eye and Mouth

Keep on designing your fondant into your desired shapes, as shown in order to make the eyes and mouth.

Our Shapes :

-White fondant circle for the eye , a smaller blue one and a very small black one from dark chocolate.

-Oval chocolate shape for mouth.

-Triangular teeth of white fondant.

-Green Borders for eye lid and lips.

or u know just feel free to show the world the inner artist inside you. :)


-Dark chocolate is melted and shaped by a cone on a butter paper and left to dry first.

Step 3: All Together

Now our cake is ready ... Can you see the magic people?!! :)



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    2 years ago

    Nice, I like it... and my kids would love it! :)

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