Mike Wazowski Wall Piece

Introduction: Mike Wazowski Wall Piece

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This is a Mike Wazowski model I made a while ago. It is really easy to make and involves the simplest tools and resources. The motive of this instructable is not to teach but to inspire.

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Step 1: Materials Requiered

The model is made up of 2 plastic balls
you will need a
-football size green plastic ball
-a tennis ball sized white plastic ball
-black and white paper
-Super glue or a glue gun

Tools required

Step 2: Cutting and Shaping

-Cut the ball in half carefully and use the neater half. Keep it aside.

-Do not discard or damage the other hemisphere,we need both

-With the half with which you are left,scale and mark the arms and legs

-Cut them out.

-You might not wanna cut the arm in a single piece because of the curvature.

-I added an elbow piece behind arm

-Properly scale and cut out the mouth from a black piece of paper and paste a teeth cutout from a white paper on it at the bottom.

-Cut the white ball 1-2cm away from the middle else the eye would be really bulgy. Uniformly cut the ball and use the smaller portion for the eye .

-Cut out the horns from the waste of the white ball

Step 3: Unite!

-Glue the mouth to the ball

-Glue the horns

(for gluing 2 parts perpendicularly, you can fold the part at the top and then glue it,however in this case you should use a 3rd extra part like a cardboard piece which can be bent in half at 90 degrees,glue both the parts on each of the halves and do use a strong glue)

-For the eye,paint a blue iris on the inside and the black pupil on the outside

-Glue the eye to the head

-Paint the toenails black or use a marker

-Glue the arms and legs

and TADAAA....Welcome Wazowski

-if you use it as a wall piece,make 2 holes at the edge along the diameter of the ball and connect them with an aluminium wire and hang our monster by the wire on the wall.

This is a really easy and a learning project and has a vast potential. You can make your own models and do post pictures .

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