Mike's Aquaponics System




I built this system based off of images I was looking at online. I just grabbed some stuff that I had in my basement and through this system together.

I used two plastic bins. The first is filled 1/2 inch with rocks, the second is filled completely with rocks. I elevated the second one using some bricks and tilted it a bit toward the other bin. I added a few holes to the second bin so that the water would drain out.

I have a pump in the lower bin that pumps water to the top bin. I have this pump on a timer which runs for 1/2 hour 4 times a day, spaced evenly. The lights are 2 compact florescent bulbs which I leave on all day.

Any feed back on timing of the lights and pumps would be appreciated. Looking to make a better system later this week.

Here is the better system I made: Mike's Second Aqauponics System



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    How is it going mike ? Do you have a API Freshwater test kit ? Is it showing More Acidic or alkaline (because of the rock )? is the fish alive ? Is the plant doing well/alive ?
    Sorry to ask so much but please provide updates