Mike's House of Fright Halloween Graveyard Haunt

Introduction: Mike's House of Fright Halloween Graveyard Haunt

My 2010 Halloween yard haunt went great!! Over 220 kids !!!. Lots of new props this year. No problems this year unlike 2009. 
Setting is a Toxic Waste Graveyard. 
As you walk up to the house You'll see....
Severed Legs, Hands & Fingers
6' Jason Voorhees Freestander w/ hidden speaker, screams every minute
Creepy Carl ground breaker Animated w/ hidden speaker
Numerous Humorous Gravestones
Aged Wood Grave Crosses
Severed Doll
Toxic Waste Cans
3' Gas Mask Sarah Freestander
8' Real Crypt Liner Coffin
Numerous Rats
Severed Leg w/ Axe
Several Bats
Haunted House Eyes
Fog Machine & Chiller
1 Large Strobe, 4 Small Strobes and numerous Rotating lights
2 Wireless Speakers for the Halloween 2010 Soundtrack
6 Pumpkins...Eddie(Iron Maiden),Gremlin,Gizmo,Cat Tongue,Owl in a tree and a Puking pumpkin

Most of my props are homemade using recycled materials (scrap metal,wood,plastic bottles,paint thinner cans,old motors, old paint etc..) Low cost and Green is the way I like it!
Thanks to all who lent a hand or an Eye! Props to Haunted House Eye Guy!



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    9 Discussions

    Wow this looks great i would like to do my house like this for halloween where did you get the doll and gas mask I like to plan ahead


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The gas mask and doll I picked up at a flea market down in Vermont while visiting a friend of mine. What a find. First i found the gas mask and like 3 tables down was the doll. I had to explain it was for Halloween. lol


    8 years ago on Introduction

    wow do you mind tellling me where you got the triccyle i am working on a prop that needs something like that


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I picked it up at a garage sale. I was gonna repaint it for my friends kid but i kept it the way it was and used it for Halloween. Its just one of those red and white tricycles that was painted black.
    Good luck

    Plo Koon
    Plo Koon

    9 years ago on Introduction

    DUDE, YOU SERIOUSLY DECKED THAT PLACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you must be into EXTREME pumpkin carving.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    great job ! I really liked the barbie head and shoulders in the garden .....