Mike's Second Aquaponics System




The first one that I did was way to small so I decided to upgrade my system. I wanted to test two different methods of growing plants so I created a dual teir grow bed which lets the water flow down through two containers.

I added a much larger fish tank so that I could use larger fish (or more fish). I stuck with the same pump but I put on a better fitting that lets me more easily control the water flow. 

I also picked up a book on hydroponics and read about over watering. My plants are showing signs of over watering so I'm going to try and cut back on the amount of water they get. 

System Log

6/14/12 - Finally got all my plants in, took initial measurements today.

6/15/12 - One plant is dieing, I replanted it in the upper grow bed and it seems to be coming back. Plants show signs of overwatering so I've decreased the water to flood the beds 4 times a day. I'm measuring 1/2 inch growth on most all plants. I've added some basil plants to the mix to see how they do. The water is much clearer today as the sediment has settled.


Failure Analysis

So I shut this down because I had to go to college but it did work alright. The plants grow though not super well. I've since made more systems and I'll post my third and fourth aquaponics systems sometime today.



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