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What inspired me?

Well, with most of my projects, I just find something lying around and use it for something. Now with this project, ive wanted to do this for a while since I had quite a good idea for it. A spade. I know I know, simple right? But this is part of my '5 Minutes or DIY' collection and its meant to be a simple, easy project for all ages. So yeah this is my bottle spade. Enjoy.

What will you need?

- An empty plastic milk bottle

- Scissors

- Box knife

- Sharpie or marker pen

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Step 1: Marking the Spade Out

Step One - Marking the spade out

Marking the spade out is actually quite simple. Draw a ring around the handle closest to the lid just before it ends.

Now its the spade marking out time. This isn't really an instruction as I cant tell you how to do it due to you maybe not agreeing with it. However, feel free to just look at the pictures placed on this step. Its basically an elongated U shape with thick sides decreasing in height until the bottom has been reached. This ensures a strong(ish) structure.

Step 2: Cutting

Step two - Cutting

Use the sharp scissors to snip off the line at the handle. When this is dome, use the box knife to cut open the spade part. Remember this is very dangerous as you are handling a very shape blade. Remember to go slow and steady as if you go too fast you might end up cutting through the spade.

When the basics have been cut, its time to neaten the entire thing up using the scissors. Just cut slowly and try to get a smooth finish. If you still have black lines where you were marking out in the previous step don't worry, you can use warm water to get rid of them.



Well done, easy wasn't it? I guess this is a basic gate way into simple summer 5 minute DIY projects such as card making, and other basic upcycling projects.

Thank you much for reading and I really hope you liked this project. When the holidays are over I wont be able to complete projects as much but ill ensure the ones I do publish will be amazing! Please follow and favourite for more 5 minute summer DIY Projects!

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    you could use it as a cat tray scoop,by scooping it up then tilting it back so the dry litter falls back in the tray

    Cheese Queen

    3 years ago

    So, now you have a "spade" made out of thin, weak plastic... what can one actually do with it?

    Or is this one of those non-utilitarian feel-good recycling type projects?

    1 reply
    zaclewis98Cheese Queen

    Reply 3 years ago

    I use mine to shovel sand and cement from the bag into a bucket. And it has never once let me down. Its a quick, easy project for children. By the way, it is upcycling, not recycling. Thank you for commenting.


    3 years ago

    Super build, Super simple and Super functional. Thank you for sharing!


    3 years ago

    would never thought of this.


    3 years ago

    This is cool. I like this.