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Introduction: Milk Carton Notebook/Purse

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This is a larger version of the Milk Carton Wallet that I posted previously. See link below for the smaller version.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Rinsed 1/2 gallon milk or juice carton with plastic spout
  • Scissors
  • Ex-acto knife
  • Pen
  • Awl or scribe tool
  • Template for Milk Carton Checkbook Wallet
  • Optional:
    • Pop Rivet tool
    • Pop Rivets
    • 5/8" grosgrain ribbon (I used 45")

Step 2: Prepare the Carton

  • Carefully unfold the top section. It helps to take the cap off to pull the sections apart. Try to disturb as little as possible.
  • On the side opposite the spout, cut down the middle of the carton.

Step 3: Carton Laid Out Flat

Step 4: Trace the Template

  • Trace the template.
  • Mark where the dotted lines cross the outside edge.
  • Hint: If the spout is making it difficult to trace the template - let the spout fall over the edge of the table/surface.
  • Using an awl, scribe the horizontal line that bisects the half circles.
  • Scribe the other horizontal lines.
  • Scribe the vertical line that creates the half circle.
  • Find the center point of the half circles and scribe the rest of the lines.

Step 5: Fold on Scribed Lines

Step 6: Finish

  • Fold all scribed lines.
  • Bring flap over the top and secure with the plastic cap.
  • If you have trouble getting the cap to screw on you may need to enlarge the hole a bit.
  • If you want to add a strap - I used 5/8" grosgrain ribbon. Mark the holes 1 inch from the edge and use a pop rivet tool to attach the ribbon to the notebook with pop rivets.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Perfect, just what I had in mind. Thanks for doing all of the work and providing the detailed instructions!