Milk Churn Planter

Introduction: Milk Churn Planter

About: Sam is a member of Flowering Elbow. Loves gardening, sewing, cooking, bright colours and pottering around with up-cycling/recycling/ re-using and revamping.

Bongodrummer came home after some shed-clearing work at his parents one day last year with a rusty old milk churn he found there. 

He kindly thought I might like it for the garden. He was right!...I started thinking up all kinds of combinations I could plant it with, but didn't settle on anything. A couple of days later we went to a local garden fair where we met an enthusiastic organic fruit tree seller and suddenly it became clear what the milk churn was destined for.

We don't have a large garden and what we do have is on the side of a stony cliff/hill. We have planted one apple tree here, which struggles on, but there was certainly no more room for another, and we do so love apples fresh from the tree. Milk churn planter to the rescue!

The apple tree man was fairly sceptical about planting one of his trees in such a vessel, but he came round to the idea and gave us a fair few tips in the end (like how much drainage was needed - a lot, and pruning suggestions).

The piccies show the churn's transformation from rust bucket (well almost) to home of our sacred russet apple tree.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This one has it all!
    It's both a practical planter that literally bears fruit, at the same time as succeeding artistically by being both an Objee Trouve and a dadaist statement combining two irreconcilable objects into a solid combination of both.
    It's a triumph!
    A modern day fresh look at the roots of our industrial revolution and rural past.