Milk Frother for Latte Lovers




Introduction: Milk Frother for Latte Lovers

Who doesn't love a little hot milk and froth on a great cup of java?  But really . . . . $60.00 for an electric milk frother?!? Are you kidding me?  Well here is my FREE solution made out of just 2 items laying around the house.

Step 1: Jar + Wire = Frothy Joy

So the idea is pretty simple.  When milk is heated, it is easier to whip into a stable foam.  I grabbed an old glass jar and then went about trying to figure out how to whip it.  I needed a mini whisk of sorts.  I grabbed an old wire bound notebook and yanked out the wire.  Then I loosely balled up the wire making sure there was space between the wires.

Step 2: Into the Microwave

Fill the jar half way up with milk.  DO NOT put the lid on or the wire ball in it yet.  Put it in the microwave uncovered until it just boils, about 70 seconds in my microwave.  Using a kitchen towel careful remove the jar.  it will be HOT.  Put the wire ball into the milk and put the lid on the jar, tightly.  Wrap the towel around the jar, covering the top and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Carefully remove the lid, still using the towel and TA DA...... lovely creamy hot milk and foam. 

Step 3: ENJOY!

Carefully remove the wire ball.  Gently pour the hot milk into your coffee beverage of choice and carefully spoon the foam on top.  
YAY! Free foam!


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Thanks for this! Got an idea now on what gift to give for my newly wed friends.