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Introduction: Milkmaid Braids

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This is by far the easiest braid that I have ever done on my beautiful sister! It's SO easy, keeps the hair out of your face, and it's pretty! So if you want to learn this braid, keep reading! :-)

Step 1: Materials

For the Milkmaid Braids, you will need:

A Brush

Two ponytail holders, preferably small (you could also use elastics)

A large clip to hold away a chunk of hair (you could use the second ponytail holder temporarily)

Several bobby pins

Step 2: Sectioning the Hair

Start by brushing your hair to ensure that there are no knots. Part the hair as best you can down the middle of your head. Sweep the sections of hair over your shoulders, and then clip one away with the large clip / ponytail holder.

Step 3: Making the Braids

Loosely braid one of the sides int a regular braid. Tie at the bottom with an elastic / ponytail holder, and repeat to the other side.

If you have relatively thin hair, gently tug on the sides of the braid to give it fullness. This technique is called "pancaking". Be sure to do this BEFORE you have secured your braid, as it will be easier to pull on the hair.

Step 4: Pinning It Up

Take one braid, and pull it to the left and up onto the head. Position it where you like, and then pin it in place. Repeat with the other braid on the other side, and then hide the ends of the braids under the actual braids, using bobby pins to secure them. Tug on any last pieces of hair to soften the look.

Step 5: Final Product

There you go! You have created a Milkmaid braid! It looks amazing, and it is super easy to do!


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    Crystal Bones
    Crystal Bones

    7 months ago

    One of my favorite hairstyles


    3 years ago

    This hairstyle is very pretty! I like it a lot. Favorited!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much, dear! :) every vote counts, so spread the word!


    4 years ago

    Mae Whitman (actress on Parenthood) wore her hair like this when she judged Chopped Junior! So cute!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I saw that episode! Loved her hair too! Thanks for the sweet comment! :-)