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Our galaxy is called the Milky way, it’s a very interesting place to watch especially because it contains our solar system and our planet Earth. Here is my version of Milky way which is fun to make and a pleasure to watch.


White card stock

Exacto knife



Double-sided foam tape

Blue light bulb

Shadowbox frame or a simple frame

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Step 1: Create Layers

Cut card stock into 6 pieces with the measurement of 4 by 6 inches (or 10 by 15 cm). These will be the 6 layers of your galaxy.

Step 2: Draw and Cut

Draw layers of orbits on your cardstock sheets

and cut them out using an exacto knife. You should puncture the paper using a needle to add detail.

Step 3: Arrange the Layers

Arrange and stack them up on each other and stick them through a double sided tape so that there is space in between each layer.

Step 4: Plug in and Enjoy

Keep it inside a shadowbox frame or a regular frame so that light reflect through it.

Light it up using any blue colored light bulb from behind.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable. A great
learning experience for kids and fun to make at a summer camp.

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    This is awesome! I have made shadow boxes before. But I never thought about doing a space theme. Very cool.

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