About: Rahman hira kab kahe lakh taka mo mol :)

I am a plastic container collector and used to store milk plastic bottles since last two years. With more than 300 milk bottles lying around my junkyard, I thought to put it in some good use. Bottles are having good quality plastic and can sustain for much longer period of time, however a single 1 litre plastic bottle is not of much use. An idea of combining two or three bottles in some better design came into my mind.

Step 1: Brainstorming

I found out that cutting the bottles in some particular way may be useful to insert one into another.

Step 2: Getting Hands Dirty

Taking the idea forward, I used candle to warm up one knife to apply on stiff corners and scissors for sides. Cutting side of each bottles as planned, I was able to insert one into another.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Final result was much bigger space for planter purpose. Filling it with soil and watering it for few days resulted in settle soil and ready for plantation.

I put some seeds into the planter and result is this beautiful looking planter lying in my balcony.



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