Millennium Force





Introduction: Millennium Force

Knex roller coaster I finally finished after almost 1.5 years of construction... yeah I'm getting slow.




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    i love this. ive not been to cedar point but ive watched YouTube videos in pov. i love the ride you built

    This ride was great. I really loved it, and honestly the best part was the drop. You sit there in absolute terror, waiting for the top. You get to the top and you have a 5-second window at the top before you plummet 300 feet almost straight down. It really takes your breath away, and you feel your heart jump in your chest in free-fall/lack of G-force. I loved this ride.

    can you take a picture of how the pennies are glued on and what do you use to oil the wheels.

    As I have visited Cedar Point and ridden on Millenium Force, I want to tell you that you did a remarkable job in this :)

    This is amazing! I wish I could do this. Not to be getting into your business but, how old are you?( adult or teen ) THANKS!

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    I'm 17 and a half I've been building coasters since I was 13. pretty much been playing with building toys my entire life. Quit for a while when i was like 11 -12 but still felt I needed it, so i got back into it.

    o.o, this is the most coolest, most colorful coaster i ever seen, AWESOME JOB man, 4.7*

    this gives me memories of cedar point, where the first roller coaster i rode was the top thrill dragster lol when i was 8

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    I would have used a different song but that is not what matters. You have made a perfect scale model. If you can. add a mini wireless camera to the front of the coaster. that would be so much fun.

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    I didn't know anyone else knew Dead By April. Great song!