Milo Ice

Introduction: Milo Ice

Hai, i wanna make some delicious dessert called milo ice. Yeayyy


-Ice cube
-Three packs Milo powder (22g)
-Chocolate milk (40g)
-Oreo biscuits
-Milo cereal

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Step 1:

-Pour three packs Milo powder (22g) and Chocolate milk (40g) into a bowl
-Stir the two ingredients together, add water if the mixture is too thick. Stir until there are no more lumps of Milo powder

Step 2:

-Pour the Chocolate mixture over the Ice cubes

Step 3:

-For topping you can add Milo cereal and crumbs of Oreo biscuits to the Milo Ice that you have made

Step 4:

Milo ice is ready, milo ice should be eaten in hot weather because milo ice is very fresh

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