Mincraft Pe 0.9.0 Update

Introduction: Mincraft Pe 0.9.0 Update

About: 13 years old born 2/15/01 love minecraft and fun stuff. Nice,smart,funny

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Step 1: Message

Hi guys I know I haven't posted in a while but once this update comes out I will post more because of what it contains and if u guys want I will start doing ps3 minecraft projects if u want me to and I would still do pocket edition. Any ways this won't contain any pictures so ya enjoy!!! - drewmyster15

Step 2: Details

So here's what I know I will put it in bulletins
• ender men
•almost all pc biomes
•possibly caves
•flat land
•infinite worlds
•possibly ghast
•maybe nether
•many new blocks
•bug fixes
•villages maybe
•hopefully skins and texture packs
If I missed anything plz tell me in the commets and pocket edition is post to be passing minecraft xbox and ps3 edition soon so ya

Step 3: Release Date

Minecraft should be released some time in April next month but I don't have an exact release all I know that it is in April so ya hope you enjoyed and follow me twitter @drew21502 I don't really post but ask me some questions and I'll answer bye bye;)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    6 years ago

    Hello, I am glad that you want to participate in the Instructables community. Unfortunately, this does not qualify as an Instructable. However, this would make a great forum topic. Please post this in the forums.

    Community Support Manager


    6 years ago

    Hey I know it's long but if ur not following just go to step 2 for all the details