Mind Influenced Controller

Introduction: Mind Influenced Controller

About: My main focus is on 3d printing and using Arduino boards. Secondary is using an EEG reader, for influencing controls.

The controller backpack is a frame for holding a Arduino board, smart device, two servos with a battery. There are fourteen different 3d printed pieces making up the controller backpack. The backpack function is for input for the transition between hovering and flying on RC model.

-Two ways for transition-

Using the spring loaded trainer switch on controller, a person may toggle between a manual or mind input. On left side of controller is a shift lever to use with index finger for manual input, through the printed gearing.

The other input uses a Mindwave EEG reader, and is bluetooth to a smart device. The app on smart device puts out an audio tone when, the Mindwave reads a meditative state. An Arduino board on controller turns a mounted servo when the audio tone is recieved. The servo then turns a input knob on controller, through a different set of printed gearing.

To start off understanding how to assemble the backpack, the printed pieces are disassembled and explained. TheHeliPlane Intro video and the Transmitter Closeup video show the controller working with the Mindwave.

Step 1: Building the Wire Harness

This video describes the build of the wire harness. Even though there is a little soldering and wire crimping, I try to explain in detail.

A list of parts and tools required for the build:

-A quick note about Arduino boards-

Arduino is open source meaning, it looks like anyone can build and sell the designs of Arduino. I have both an original Arduino and a replica. A replica is about half of the price and I've never had a problem with either. I have read comments of people having issues with replicas though.

Arduino board

9ch Controller

330ohm Resistors

Arduino Wire

Heat Shrink

Connectors and Pins

JST Plug

Phono Plug


Step 2: Backpack Assembilly

After printing out the pieces located at Thingiverse, this video will describe the assembly.

Parts to use from video:


Servo Reverser

Zip-Ties Large

Zip-Ties Small


1/4" Wooden Dowels

Step 3: Tuning and Setup

This is the final assembly video of the Mind Influenced Transmitter. It goes over how to load the Arduino code, getting the APP and tweaking the settings in the controller.

These are the last parts for the buildup:

NeuroSky MindWave

Battery Pack

Battery Charger


Again, everything needed and other builds are located at


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    4 years ago

    I've entered the videogame contest with this controller. Inspired by a game controller(the index finger buttons), this controller uses shift levers to switch between Heli and Plane mode.