Magnetic Matchstick Trick Cool Party Trick

Introduction: Magnetic Matchstick Trick Cool Party Trick

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Hey friends, today I will show you how to do a magic trick with matchbox this trick will amaze you that's for sure , for this you don't need any magic set or no need to go any magic shop,

1. Just get a matchbox from your drawer pick matches from matchbox .( Only Red Headed Match Can Work )

2. Get a Strong Neodemium Magnet . I got mine from an old hard disk .

3. Normal Matchsticks don't attract towards a magnet.

4. Now Do Some Spooky Actions onto your match for some suspense ...!

5. Burn a match by striking it normally , once head of match is burned you can extinguish it by blowing some air

6. Now try grabbing matchsticks with a strong magnet you will see that , Now matchsticks turned magnetic and they stick to the magnet !

You Need To Watch This With Your Eyes !

This is not a illusion its complete scientific trick that you can amaze your friends so you can perform this on stage magic act and show this trix. This matches puzzle game will instantly go crazy with your friends in wondering how it will work.

Why It Happens ??? Let Me Know Your Answers ! ( No Google-ing... )

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    3 years ago

    Huh. Any idea why this happens?


    Reply 3 years ago

    "Both carbon and carbon monoxide are reducing agents and will reduce ferric oxide to pure iron, which is ferromagnetic.

    Fe2O3(s) + 3CO (g) --.> 2Fe (s) + 3CO2 (g)"

    Hmmm... I still think he his a magnet inside somehow! :)