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Hello! Welcome to my Instructables. My name is Audrey and I love Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Rubik...

Since my last collection of mine craft pe seeds was my most successful instructable, i decided to make another one for you guys! Behold, Minecraft Pe Seeds V2!

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Step 1: Otimus

This seed has really cool overhangs, waterfalls, and lavafalls!
Seed: otimus

Step 2: Dumbocow

This seed has an awesome overhang, some caves, and a waterfall.
Seed: dumbocow

Step 3: Intercraft

This seed has an awesome secret cave left of the spawning point!
Seed: intercraft

Step 4: Life360

This seed has some cool overhangs, caves and a waterfall
Seed: life360

Step 5: NoMe

This seed has a really cool overhang!
Seed: noMe

Step 6: Banflying

This seed has some really cool overhangs, and some waterfalls!
Seed: banflying

Step 7: EXTREMEsnail

This seed has some awesome overhangs and waterfalls!
Seed: EXTREMEsnail

Step 8: Porsche

This seed has an awesome crater! Turn 180 degrees and go up the snowy mountain, go a little further and on your left will be the crater.
Seed: porsche

Step 9: Jocopa3

This seed has awesome overhangs and a couple of waterfalls!
Seed: jocopa3

Step 10: DokaLoka

This seed has awesome overhangs and some waterfalls!
Seed: DokaLoka

Step 11: 13377331

This seed has some awesome overhangs and waterfalls
Seed: 13377331

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5 years ago

Thanks! Im not sure if youve checked it out already, but my newest instructable is all about seeds, im going to be making another one soon though!


5 years ago

It's a pig is still a legendary seed it needs its own instructable!

1 reply