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This is my second instructable, and in this one I will tell you how to make Minecraft 3D Glasses!

You will need:

  • Some cheap glasses that you can easily remove the lenses of
  • A red and blue filter
  • Tape/Glue/Other applicable adhesive/etc.

Not to much, eh?

So, let's get on with it! (It's pretty simple)

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Step 1: Removing the Lenses

First, you need to remove the lenses. I had Minecraft Sunglasses laying around, so I used those.

Some glasses have small screws that you need to remove, but mine don't. I just used a small flat-head screwdriver on the top edge and bent it towards me, and the lenses just popped out.

Once that is done, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Adding in the New Lenses

I cut my red and blue filter to almost the same size as the original lenses, but since they are flimsy and very thin I couldn't put them in to the real lens slot, so I made sure that the red and blue filter were a bit bigger then the original lenses.

So, yes, just cut the filters to the original lens size but bigger.

Now, time to make things semi-permanent!

Step 3: Making Things Semi-permanent

Now, we will need some sort of tape/adhesive. I used tape, but that can sometimes obstruct clear vision, so hot glue/normal Elmer's glue/etc. can be used as well.

With hot glue/normal glue:

Make sure that the glue is only touching the edges of the lens, because if it is not then you might be able to see the glue.

With tape:

Place the tape on the 4 corners of the filter, and if there are any holes (which there probably will be, the filters are flat but most lenses are concaved/convexed), you can try to fix it, but if, when you put the glasses on, there are visible holes, then don't put tape over the visible hole, as you will be able to see the tape. Try to put it as far away from the visible view as possible.

Once the filter is in place, and you think it is done, then repeat this step for the other filter, and then, guess what:

You're done! :D

Step 4: How to Use Them (should Be Very Simple!)

So most games on a PC or movies that have 3D options use 3D Anaglyph, which means once you put these glasses on, it will look semi-3D, depending on the quality of the implementation.

These I made for Minecraft, because it has a dedicated 3D Anaglyph mode in it's video settings, thus why I used Minecraft glasses (they fit the theme).

So just turn on your 3D mode on whatever it is that you want to see in 3D, then put these on, and it will look 3D!

So, thanks for reading!

Check out some of my other instructables, I don't make them too often, but the list is growing! :D (this is only the second one though).

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