Minecraft 3x3 Door - NO PISTONS!!!!!




Introduction: Minecraft 3x3 Door - NO PISTONS!!!!!

What you'll need:

  • 18 command blocks
  • 9 blocks of your choice (for the door)
  • Redstone Dust
  • 1 lever or button

Step 1: Create the Door

Place the 9 blocks of your choice to make a 3x3 square.

Step 2: Place the On/Off Switch/Button

Place your switch/button two blocks away from the door to the left or right. I, for example, put mine on the left.

Step 3: Place the Command Blocks & Redstone

Look at the picture above. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PLACE THE COMMAND BLOCKS, OR GATES, AND REDSTONE AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE, however. If you are experienced with redstone then you might be able to edit the layout, but I do not recommend doing so.

Step 4: Code the Command Blocks


Start by going into every command block and typing "setblock".

Next, find the coordinates for every block of the wall and enter the coordinates into Section A & B.

Don't understand what I mean? Here's an example:If the bottom left block of the wall's coordinates were "X: 200 Y: 40 Z: 200" then I'd enter that into one command block in each section, so that the command in the two command blocks looks like this: "setblock 200 40 200".

Now, enter the id of the block of the wall into Section B.

For example, if my entire wall was going to be iron blocks then I'd put "42" or "minecraft:iron_block" into all of the command blocks in Section B. Then it should look something like this: "setblock 200 40 200 minecraft:iron_block"

Finally, in Section A do the same thing that I said in the example, but put "0" or "minecraft:air" instead of the block the wall is made out of.

Step 5: Check It!

Now, check that what you've made looks nearly exactly like the picture above.

Step 6: Test It Out! (Video)

Now you've successfully made a silent, fast, reliable, and new 3x3 Command Block door! Enjoy!



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    14 Discussions

    There's a lot easier way to do that.

    Just use the /fill command :D

    2 replies

    When I made this design, the /fill command did not exist. I should probably make an updated version. Thanks for the feedback!

    Oh, sorry. I didn't realize that. :D

    This is awesome! but I made some ajustments, now it looks like a door is opening, not "its there" "bop! now it isn't"

    1 reply

    Type in the chat "/give command_block "

    Sorry, it deleted part of my comment. Try this link: http://minecraft.wikia.com/wiki

    It has the list of commands:)

    setblock has one hundreds of uses. I've used it to build a bridge thats activated by a switch, or my personal favorite was to use a timer circuit to build a moving bridge :)

    Cool! I've never thought of using the /setblock command to create a moving effect. I'll have to try that out.

    I've started on an instructable for making a moving platform bridge with "/setblock" So i'll let you know when its done.

    Got destracted mid make, by someone loging on to my build server and starting destroying things :(

    Well, you're in luck. I have found out another way to make this kind of door. Instead of using the /setblock command you can use some other command, which I forgot, that's basically like copy & paste.

    I'll have to make another Instructable showing how to make it.