Minecraft: Annoying Redstone Prank




In this tutorial you will learn how to make one of my favorite pranks in the world! The person you prank will hate you forever, which is good right?

Step 1: Setting Up Redstone Circuit

To start this super easy, annoying, prank, you need to find a nice secret spot, preferably under someones house. This will make it hard to find, and they won't be able to break it easily. Next to start the circuit, place six blocks of your choice in a formation like this.

Step 2: Placing Torches

Next place 3 redstone torches on the underside of the blocks you placed.

Step 3: Starting the Circuit

On the other side of the blocks simply place 3 redstone dust. It should begin to flash very rapidly.

Step 4: Begin Making Noise

This step is the step where your prank will begin to get annoying. Place one more redstone dust and connect it to a noteblock. Right click the noteblock if you would like to change the note.

Step 5:

If you would like to take the prank even further, and make them hate you, you can add as many noteblocks as you want. One catch though. If you place a piece of redstone dust between the first and second noteblock, it will not connect, so you have to put a redstone repeater in between. Anyways, thanks for sticking around, and make sure to check out my other tutorial on how to make a machine gun TNT cannon!



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