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This is a really great idea it can be done and creative or survival it is easier in creative. It collects your eggs and put them in a chest so you never lose any it's great. Hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: What You Need

What you're going to need is
20 glass
3 hoppers
One chest
If you are in creative you will need a chicken spawn egg if you are survival you will need a lead or seeds.

Step 2:

First place 3 blocks one after another and place a hopper on top of the first one then placed another hopper underneath that one pointing forwards and then place one more hopper pointing the same direction right next to that one in front of it now place a chest in front of that hopper

Step 3:

Now with your glass blocks as shown in the picture. 5 blocks on each side except for the one that the chest is near. Now stack up to with dirt or any other block on the hopper attached to the chest and place a glass block over that hoppers.

Step 4:

Now go up 3 more on that glass block that you placed over the hopper until it is level with the others. If you are in creative now get out your spawn eggs and spawned the chicken in the glass opening that is above the hopper if you are in survival get out your seeds or lead whichever you chose and build a staircase up to the opening and lead them in just make sure you don't fall in. block up the opening.

Step 5: How It Works

How it works is the chickens they will start to lay eggs and when they eggs fall into the hopper and the eggs will be transported into the chest that way you never lose eggs from your egg farm. I hope you all enjoy this instructable and enjoy my others as well if you like this please vote. Thanks.

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Hey, mysterygirl995, I am starting a YouTube channel about Minecraft and Black Ops 3. I was wondering if you got an Xbox One yet or if I need to switch back to ye old 360. I have a mic if you have one or not.


Reply 3 years ago

Are you using MCPE? Well you should have hoppers in the console versions, and I think in MCPE at least 0.13 update and PC/Mac should be 1.5.1 or above.

Another idea: To save on hoppers, place the chest below the hopper where the chickens are.

SwaggerFul Swellow

4 years ago

This is really nice! However it has just a few flaws that can be easily diagnosed. First I would suggest moving the hopper with the chicken on top, up one block so you can put the chest directly underneath the mechanism. Also if you simply "filled" in the top part of glass, you could definitely save a bunch of glass. This not only saves resources for survival nuts, (No offense) and make the design easier to replicate. Thank you if you read this.

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